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# About

AfxHookGoldSrc is HLAE's main and traditional hook for the GoldSrc engine (inlcudes Half-Life 1 / Counter-Strike 1.6 / Team Fortress Classic / any other Half-Life 1 modifications).

# [[First Steps|GoldSrc:First Steps]]

Installing HLAE and your first steps capturing images with sound!

# Features

  • [[Sound export|GoldSrc:First Steps]]
  • [[Matte Effects|GoldSrc:Matte Effects]]
  • [[Sampling / motion blur|GoldSrc:Sampling System]]
  • [[Demo Tools|GoldSrc:Demo Tools]]
  • [[Depth Images|GoldSrc:mirv_movie_depthdump]]
  • [[wireframe|GoldSrc:mirv_movie_wireframe]]
  • [[Zooming|GoldSrc:Zooming]]
  • [[Tracking|GoldSrc:Tracking]]
  • [[dem_forcehltv fix|GoldSrc:dem_forcehltv fix]] (auto)
  • [[Crosshair fix|GoldSrc:Crosshair fix]] (auto)
  • [[Camera Motion Data]]
  • [[Show more frags in Counter-Strike|GoldSrc:mirv_cstrike_deathmsg]]
  • [[And many more ...|GoldSrc:Commands]]

# [[Commands|GoldSrc:Commands]]

The full command reference / list.

# [[FAQ]]

Frequently asked questions and answers, tips and tricks can be found in the [[FAQ]].

# Guides

  • [[Matte Effects|GoldSrc:Matte Effects]] : The matte effects allow you to separate the game objects (i.e. players and level) into different image streams. This allows you to apply great effects in your video editor.
  • [[Tracking|GoldSrc:Tracking]] : The tracking system allows you to automatically aim your camera on players and other objects.
  • [[Zooming|GoldSrc:Zooming]] : Covers various commands to get the action focused.
  • [[Sampling System|GoldSrc:Sampling System]] : Description of the sampling system.
  • [[Links#Tutorials]] : Links to tutorials in various languages.

# Advanced Guides

  • [[Camera Motion Data]]

# References

# [[Command Reference|GoldSrc:Commands]]

Overview with short descriptions of the many available console commands. Since the manual cannot cover every single feature and it's details, you might have fun digging in the command reference and finding some small gems now and then.

# Other

  • [[HLTV border removal|GoldSrc:HLTV border removal]]
  • [[Demo Tools|GoldSrc:Demo Tools]]
    Describes the available demo (.dem) file tools (i.e. DemoCleanUp and DemoFix).
  • [[Render Settings|GoldSrc:Render Settings]]
    Description of the launcher dialog's rendering settings. This can be helpful in case the captured images are broken or incomplete.
  • [[DemoEdit|GoldSrc:DemoEdit]]
    (Not related to HLAE) Description of Valve's Demo Edit tool that allows to create Camera Paths.

# Tools by other developers:

# Capturing tools

  • hl-capture

# Other tools

  • Smoofofer Smoofofer is a freeware tool for smoothing campaths under .bvh files.
  • Nem's Tools
  • COL Demo Player

# Special Old Releases

# Release compatible with Steam version from July 2009 (unsupported) ("NOSTEAM"):

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