This command allows blocking game sounds from being played, using wildcards.

If you want to block all sounds except specific sounds, use the game's own snd_filter cvar instead (for example snd_filter "player\vo\" will block all sounds except those containing that string, which should be radio voice) (Can be combined with mirv_snd_filter.).

Also check out Valve's other commands (found i.e. by olosd3):

developer 1
sv_cheats 1
snd_setmixer [...]
snd_setmixlayer [...]

# Supported Games

Only Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is supported.

# Finding sounds to block

Enter mirv_snd_filter debug 1 into console to enable printing of all sounds starting to play in console. You can turn the spam off again using Enter mirv_snd_filter debug 0.

# Block specific sounds

Enter mirv_snd_filter block <mask> into console and replace <mask> by a string that you want to match, which can contain the following special character sequences:

  • \* is the wildcard that matches any number of characters
  • \\ is the \ character, so if you want to match 1 backslash, you will have to write 2 of them

# Examples

mirv_snd_filter block "player\\vo\\\*" will block all sounds starting with player\vo\ which should be the radio voice commands.

mirv_snd_filter block "\*" will block all sounds that go through the S_StartSound function.

# List all sounds blocked

Enter mirv_snd_filter print into console.

# Remove a specific block

You can obtain the <index> using mirv_snd_filter print. Then you can delete it using mirv_snd_filter remove <index>, of course replace <index> with the index value.

# Clear all blocks

Enter mirv_snd_filter clear into console.

# See also

  • [[Source:Commands]]
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